Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kaiser in the Media #1: Hannu's Blog - Holiday Shout-out: Kaiser Central (Home of RetroKaiser)

In this debut segment on this site I post links to articles of both digital and physical types that are about me.  Yes this segment is very egotistical but oh well.  I will only be including articles/podcasts/videos but no social media shout-outs as that's hard to keep track of.

In this first edition we have "Hande's Blog" with an article about the launch of this site.  Sure it's a bit redundant me re-posting it here as all it does is link to this site...  Well that's not fully true as it does link you to some videos featuring Hannu (the creator of the page) and I.  Don't forget to bookmark "Hande's Blog" as he does some brilliant articles and is one of my favorite websites of all time and I'm not joking one bit.

Date of article: Decmber 27th, 2014.
Link to article:
Link to website main page:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Retrokaiser the Game: Episode 0 (Free Download)

IT'S HERE! IT'S CLEAR! AND IT DOESN'T HAVE A COVER ART!  IT'S RETROKAISER THE GAME...  Episode 0.  That's right kiddies, the prelude to "Retrokaiser: The Game" is now out.  Join Retrokaiser as he works very hard getting reviews done and visiting friends in this fantasy remake of his real life.  BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  Once you have played the game you can go through the very special "Black Edition" where you can listen to audio commentary from the creator of the game itself, Retrokaiser.  Sure this was made with "RPG Maker VX Ace" but goshdarnit it fucking works okay.  Don't believe me?  Just read what some players had to say about this:

Okay, nobody other than me has played this game and so why not be the first wave of people to play this crap I made?

Retrokaiser: The Game - Episode 0: Download

Retrokaiser: The Game - Episode 0 (Black Edition): Download

Welcome to Fantasy Island... I Mean Retrokaiser's New Solo Project.

Aloha and welcome to my brand new solo blog with articles done by me, Retrokaiser.  If you don't know who I am then let me introduce myself.  Hi, my name is James T. Kaiser AKA Retrokaiser and I am a writer of reviews, podcaster, and let's player.  I mainly do reviews of anime and video games but I have dabbled in music...  Although the music reviews were a failure.

While I might sound like an obscure name, I've actually been around for over half a decade in this scene starting back in 2008 on a little website known as "GamerAU" (now sadly defunct) where I wrote reviews on retro video games, ios games and even interviewed some people (most notably the director of "Sonic Unleashed"). A few years later I got picked up by another Australian gaming website named "AGGN" to where I did news articles about upcoming DLC for the game "Rock Band".  In 2010 I left "AGGN" (on very good terms mind you) for a little website called "Mondo Cool".

The "Mondo Cool" era is probably the website some of you will know me from as I did a lot of videos, reviews, and podcasts for them and still continue to do so to this day.  Also in 2010 I was a host of a live radio show called "Sunday Night Kaiser" on an Internet station called "Gnet Radio" (now known as "Escape Radio Network").  In 2012 and 2013 I became a contributor to even more websites about gaming and general nerdom.  These websites are "It's Tail Time" and "The Next Round" and I am very proud to work for them.

With each website I work for I like to do something exclusive for each of them and so what do I have to offer for this page?  Well I will be posting all of my content from all of those websites into this one but I'll also be doing some exclusive stuff also (so not everything on this page will be exclusive content).  This website will also be the home to my video game projects including: "Retrokaiser: The Game", "Untitled Project", "Untitled Project 2", and "The Next Round presents: The Next Pinball Table".  I'll also be posting updates on how the projects are coming along and other stuff.

So thank you all for stopping by at my humble little blog and have a great time.