Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kaiser in the Media #1: Hannu's Blog - Holiday Shout-out: Kaiser Central (Home of RetroKaiser)

In this debut segment on this site I post links to articles of both digital and physical types that are about me.  Yes this segment is very egotistical but oh well.  I will only be including articles/podcasts/videos but no social media shout-outs as that's hard to keep track of.

In this first edition we have "Hande's Blog" with an article about the launch of this site.  Sure it's a bit redundant me re-posting it here as all it does is link to this site...  Well that's not fully true as it does link you to some videos featuring Hannu (the creator of the page) and I.  Don't forget to bookmark "Hande's Blog" as he does some brilliant articles and is one of my favorite websites of all time and I'm not joking one bit.

Date of article: Decmber 27th, 2014.
Link to article:
Link to website main page:


  1. It is an honour to be recognised by such journalistic genius. =D

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